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Oily delights

For all the passion and publicity that’s been showered on locally grown food, I’ve been struck by something missing from the farmer’s markets in San Diego County: olives grown here and olive oil processed from them. This has mystified me, … Continue reading

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A Bee Adventure

I understand that colony collapse disorder — the mysterious plague that’s wiped out half of America’s bee colonies over the past half dozen years — is a continuing problem. So it’s nice to hear a tale like the one my … Continue reading

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The Big Bad Pigs

I’ve been intrigued by wild hogs ever since reading a 2005 New Yorker article by Ian Frazier about the animals and their destructive habits. So when I heard that the San Diego Tracking Team and Western Tracking Institute would be … Continue reading

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Best city to rent a car in?

I’m used to citing high housing prices when people ask about the cost of living in San Diego. But now I know of something that’s even higher-priced (relative to other cities, anyway.) According to a recent study by the Chicago Dispatcher, a blog for … Continue reading

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San Diego’s Best (Known) Public Place

A friend just sent me a copy of a recently compiled list of the Top 100 Public Spaces in the United States and Canada, and it was gratifying to see Balboa Park in the ninth spot. It is a great … Continue reading

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When Irish Bars are Calling

I’d heard that the Blarney Stone Pub, long a fixture in the Gaslamp, had closed recently, but I was surprised to read on the San Diego Travel Tips blog that it was one of at least a half dozen Irish … Continue reading

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Valley of the Bears (and Other Amazing History)

Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act on May 20, 1862, and at least one San Diego County community is playing up the local impact of that action. The Act allowed for any adult who filed a $10 fee to get … Continue reading

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No More Sneaking In

For years, the only entrance to the section of the Scripps Coastal Reserve that overlooks Black’s Beach was to duck under or climb over a temporary looking wooden gate. The area was open to the public (at least during daylight … Continue reading

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Back on the Hunt

Blame my little break in blogging about my travels in San Diego on my travels in Ethiopia,  about which I was writing elsewhere. But I’m back on the hunt. Stay tuned.

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Highs and Lows

I’ve written before about the unique pleasures of San Diego’s winter low tides, but last Friday I discovered another facet to them : biking on the wide, hard-packed sand.  My friend Howard Zatkin has organized an informal low-tide beach ride for … Continue reading

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