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The Voice of San Diego is turning its fact-checking eye on an interesting question: is it true that San Diego has the largest military concentration in the US? The question isn’t easy to answer, as the term “military” can include both uniformed and civilian employees. VOSD is still trying to dig up numbers for the civvies. ┬áBut reporter Keegan Kyle has already come up with an answer about the active uniformed muscle based here. ┬áSan Diego does appear to be first by a long shot: 92,597 men and women, compared to the next closest contender, Norfolk, Virginia, with 55,098. Camp Pendleton holds the largest number — 34,782, followed by the Naval Station (17,035), the Navy’s Amphibious Base on Coronado (10,515), North Island Naval Air Station (7,980), the Marines at Miramar Air Station (7,816), the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (6,560), Navy Hospital (3,824), the Navy’s Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center (2,008), and the relatively measly Naval Supply Center at the foot of Broadway (just 320. How do they survive the solitude?).

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