Amazing high heels

I’ve been a fan of reality TV’s The Amazing Race ever since its debut 10 years ago; I’ve even tried out for it twice (with no success).  So I’m a natural sucker for any local spin-off.  Still — if I’d never heard of the TV show — or of scavenger hunts — I’d be charmed by the first-ever Amazing High Heel Race scheduled to unfold on the streets of Hillcrest this Saturday (June 18).

Billed as a “celebration of diversity,” “display of unity,” and community fundraiser, the event’s website says that teams of six, members wearing high heels and thematic outfits and armed with digital cameras, will be dashing around the sexually diverse community following scavenger-hunt clues.  The rules give some hint to the spirit of the spectacle:

— No driving, mopeds, Segways, or scooters, but taxis are okay

— Team members must start and finish the race together and may not split up.

— No pulling hair. Weaves and/or wig-snatching prohibited.

The requirement that all the heels must be at least 3 inches tall ruled me out. I’d be hobbling after a half hour, and the race is scheduled to run from 3 to 6 p.m.  It sounds like good vantage points for watching the show will be the starting line at Baja Betty’s (1421 University), the “pit stop” at Urban MO’s (308 University), and the finish line at Gossip Grill (1440 University). 

Awards will be given for best time, highest heel, fiercest heel, most creative team attire, best team spirit, and biggest blister.  Something for everyone, including spectators!

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Jeannette has worked as a journalist in San Diego since 1974. In 2007 she diversified, founding San Diego Insider Tours, a vehicle for showing visitors the special things that make San Diego unique.
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