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Chocolate-covered Bird Rock

When my sons were teenagers, we would fantasize about what we wished would move into the large, derelict property on the northeast corner of La Jolla Boulevard and Midway.  Many years ago, a seafood restaurant had prospered there, but its owner, Tom … Continue reading

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Guppy love

I was not among the thousands who flocked to Balboa Park yesterday for the annual Earth Day celebration. What drew me there was the Fancy Guppy Show being held in Room 104 of the Casa del Prado. I’d heard that … Continue reading

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About 10 inches

For years, I’ve told visiting tourists that the coastal region of San Diego gets “about 10 inches” of rain per year.  As an approximation, that’s true enough. But I’ve always felt a bit guilty about not being more precisely accurate. … Continue reading

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Balboa Barks

The forecast of wind and rain for this morning had a lot of dog lovers worrying, but they needn’t have. The sun shone upon Balboa Barks, the annual fundraiser for the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) organization. Because I’m a … Continue reading

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A Confectionary Destination

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but although I’ve lived in San Diego for 37 of the 90 years the Wisteria Cottage has been in business, I’d never made it there until just last week.  This is NOT because I dislike … Continue reading

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