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The Best Free Tourist Attraction in San Diego?

  I had heard of the Mormon Battalion. I’m sure that at least once over the years I’ve read about it, only to forget everything I read a day later.  But that’s now changed forever. On Monday I finally visited the new … Continue reading

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Pamo Valley Treasure

  Rose quartz Although the San Diego Natural History Museum‘s new “All That Glitters” exhibition gives visitors the impression the county is home to many family-owned gem mines, only a few remain. One that I recently had the fortune to visit was featured … Continue reading

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Desert Visions

The summer solstice being now behind us, the days once again growing longer, it’s time to think about a trip to the desert, right?  Yeah, yeah, I know the hottest days out in Anza-Borrego are yet to come (temperatures are  … Continue reading

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Look Who’s Moved Back into La Jolla

 My friend Wes Mudge has passed along a piece of happy news. He often hikes along the cliffs above Blacks Beach, and he reports that peregrine falcons, which disappeared from there back in the 60s due to the harmful effects of … Continue reading

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Bum Fight?

Given how much San Diego has changed in the 36 years I’ve lived here, it warms my heart when I run across something that seems timeless. Case in point: the current flap roiling Ocean Beach, which I’ve been following in the always-entertaining OB … Continue reading

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A Makeover for the Second-Best Place to Buy Fish in San Diego?

  …and tomorrow? I’ve written about my favorite place to buy fish in San Diego.  But that’s strictly a retail (or closer to wholesale) experience. If you want to place to either buy fish or sit and chow down, Point … Continue reading

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Sparkly Stuff

I’d been looking forward to the San Diego Natural History Museum’s new exhibition, “All That Glitters,” because I know that San Diego is a special place when it comes to jewels. I’ve read authorities who say more gems (and more … Continue reading

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Fish and Birds

The Port of San Diego is reporting two comforting bits of news about San Diego Bay. First, the San Diego Oceans Foundation at the end of May released another 30,000 young white sea bass into the netted pens provided by … Continue reading

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Falling down, falling down

Next time you’re driving by Terminal 2 at the airport and think to yourself, “Something’s different here!  What is it?” here’s the answer.  On May 21-22, the pedestrian bridge there was demolished as part of the current airport expansion. The … Continue reading

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Those Were the Days

Amazing, isn’t it, to remember that 35 years ago perhaps the top tourist attraction in San Diego was our legal nude beach?  (That would be Black’s Beach in La Jolla, which San Diego voters made clothing-optional in 1974.)  This reminder … Continue reading

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