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I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Lindbergh Field.  There’s that great location, along with the fact that, for me at least,  San Diego’s airport has never been the scene of any aviation catastrophe. There are the small touches: the free wireless service; those cozy rocking chairs in Terminal One.

My fond feelings increased in January of 2008, when I took one of the free “Terminals to Tarmac”  tours offered by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. Besides the high professionalism and entertainment value of the outing, I loved learning about the collapsible concrete used beyond the west end of the runway (designed to safely bog down and stop any plane that rolls beyond the end of it for any reason) and the ultra-secure perimeter fencing (touted as one of the most advanced designs in the country).

And now I’ve become a fan of The Ambassablog, the airport-employee-written blog launched at the beginning of 2008.  If some of the postings are pedestrian (witness today’s interview with the airport VP who recently spent some time hanging out with the airport’s traffic cops), more often they strike me as quirky and interesting.  Among recent tidbits that I’ve picked up there:

– The fact that cargo carriers Fedex and UPS logged 6,892 take-offs and landings at Lindbergh in 2008 — 3.4 percent of the airport’s total operations. The cargo planes park on the north side of the field, but the long-term goal is to build air cargo terminals to facilitate package processing and sd-panel-editedsorting.

– An explanation for the soothing art piece, Time Interwoven, recently installed across from the ground-floor elevators in the Commuter Terminal. The artist who created it, Christime-interwoven-editedtie Beniston, reportedly envisioned it as a world clock (with columns of light representing the earth’s 24 time zones), one inspired by the designs of Native American weavers.

It was another post on The Ambassablog that tipped me off to the Google Maps Distance Calculator, about which I subsequently reported here.  Hats off to the Ambassabloggers!


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