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Who Else Wants to Know the Best-Kept Secret in La Jolla?

Alright, La Jolla doubtless harbors better-kept secrets.  But I still was dazzled by the tip dispensed this past week by Alexandra Hart and Julie Gelfat, creators of the San Diego Travel Tips website.  For anyone who doesn’t live near the top of Mt. … Continue reading

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A Birthday for the USS Neversail

The next time you drive along Harbor Drive between the airport and Nimitz Boulevard, give a quick salute to the gray Naval frigate parked just beyond the Starbucks at Liberty Station. It will celebrate its 60th birthday next Monday (July … Continue reading

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Ft. What?

Ask a dozen randomly chosen San Diegans the location of Ft. Rosecrans or — tougher still — Ft. Guijarros, and if more than one could come up with the answer, I’d be surprised. The irony is that anyone who’s ever gazed out over … Continue reading

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It’s not often that I find myself wishing I lived in Escondido. It’s a nice enough town, just a little too warm and far from the ocean for my taste. But the folks at Stone Brewing almost make me forget that … Continue reading

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Our Plymouth Rock

The locations where the first English immigrants settled on the east coast of North America are a big deal in Jamestown, Virginia and Plymouth, Massachusetts. But the site where the first Europeans settled on the west coast of North America gets no respect. Anyone who … Continue reading

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Old Town Anew

Strolling around Fiesta de Reyes the other night, I found it easy to believe that it’s poised for rebirth. Back in the early 1970s, San Diego businesswoman Diane Powers created the Bazaar del Mundo here (in the northeast corner of Old Town State … Continue reading

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I’m always amazed by how easy it is for me to ignore the universe.  Not to mention the Milky Way. Or even the solar system. Sure I’m aware of the sun, but all the rest that’s up there — the incomprehensible distances, the astounding numbers … Continue reading

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