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Organ Madness

Hot on the heels of my post yesterday about the summer organ festival in Balboa Park comes today’s “tip of the week” on the ever-interesting San Diego Travel Tips website. It’s pretty much everything you’d ever want to know about the … Continue reading

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A Little Summer Organ Music in the Dark

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Organ Pavilion.  I love the stories associated with it: how John Spreckels donated the money for it to be built for the first Expo in Balboa Park on the understanding that … Continue reading

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Local Barley Juice

  I’ve been aware of San Diego’s soaring stature among beer cognoscenti for several years. Since 1986 almost 2 dozen commercial brewers have begun making craft beers here, and their handiwork increasingly has been winning national and international awards and commanding attention in … Continue reading

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  One of the best opportunities for taking in some of San Diego’s quirkiest beach life will occur tomorrow (Saturday, June 20) in Imperial Beach. If the 4th annual surf dog competition (sponsored by Loews Coronado resort) is anything like the one I attended 2 … Continue reading

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Marshall South Online

Few of us have had as flamboyantly romantic a vision as Marshal South. Around 1930, with the US sinking ever deeper into Depression, South and his young wife Tanya packed their few possessions into their Model T Ford, drove to … Continue reading

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Time Travelers

Alright, alright. We’ll concede that the San Diego Inside Tours Time Travel Adventure probably isn’t as… cinematic as Will Ferrell’s latest flick. But we think it’s at least as entertaining.  And it did get us a spot on one of … Continue reading

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