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Local Hamburger on the Hoof

Yeah, yeah, at $8.99 a pound, the ground beef I’m buying at Homegrown Meats in La Jolla costs three times what I’d pay for hamburger meat at my local Albertson’s. But the Homegrown cattle are all grass-fed (which may make their meat actually … Continue reading

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Sensuous Solstice

I like to celebrate the Winter Solstice. To me, it seems worth noticing when the journey into greater and greater darkness has drawn to an end, and we begin the cycle back to the long warm days of abundance. Some years I’m lucky if I … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer — Locally Grown

The savage wildfires of October, 2007 destroyed one of the biggest resources for San Diego County residents committed to buying locally grown Christmas trees, when the Pinery Tree Farms Rancho Bernardo crop burned to the ground. Although Pinery still operates … Continue reading

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The Low-Down

Here’s another wintry San Diego pleasure: it’s the time to enjoy extreme low tides. The local shoreline of course experiences low tides (usually two) every day. But the lows only get remarkably low when the moon lines up with the … Continue reading

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Fantasy Winter

How to explain the growing number of outdoor ice-skating rinks showing up in San Diego in December? A collective case of frost envy? A smug display that we can pick and choose among the most likable of winter pastimes — … Continue reading

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